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Applied Mathematics Summer School - Overview

On August 25 – September 7, 2019, KAUST will host eligible international BS/BSc and MS students for an Applied Mathematics workshop. You will be exposed to several aspects of Applied Mathematics, including homogenization, numerics for partial differential equations and mean field games. You will also receive some training in a range of Scientific Research Skills.

Mathematical concepts and techniques are used in virtually all fields of science and engineering. Mathematics can enable exciting new discoveries and techniques. This school will expose the participating students to the frontiers of Applied Mathematics Research at KAUST.

The course includes seminars and lab work and successful students on the program will attempt to produce a collaborative research paper.

Benefits of the course include:

  • Workshop Stipend ( $500USD )
  • Round-trip airfare to/from city of departure-Jeddah (KAUST)
  • Health insurance
  • Private bedroom and bath in a shared residential suite
  • Visa fees (Students must have valid passport)
  • Access to community recreational resources
  • Social and cultural activities

The Summer School will comprise of two weeks academic research and a lively social prorgame at KAUST.

KAUST is a beautifully laid out community covered with trees, gardens, walking paths, plazas, parks and seaside views. The community is an extremely safe and well-maintained environment.  It is easy to get around on foot or by bicycle, or using the free community buses. Any commute takes ten minutes or less by car within KAUST.  Residential life is enhanced by an array of community events, clubs, classes, programs, educational and recreational facilities. You can learn a foreign language or play a musical instrument, improve your sports performance with coaches and trainers, listen to a concert or watch a theatrical performance, cheer for a sports team, kayak on the Red Sea and much more.